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3CDs set

The wildflower grows naturally , developing in its own time according to the laws of its own inner nature. Life outside the greenhouse can be harsh , but somehow it survives, bursting forth with ever renewed vitality and conviction. Jazz is by its very nature a music of improvisation… Therefore of invention… Therefore of ongoing change . Many of the most important changes of the 1970’s took place in the loft performing spaces that emerged in New-York as an alternative to the commercially-oriented clubs and concerts halls. Run cooperatively by the musicians themselves , these lofts became centres of creative activity by providing an environment outside the inhibiting pressures of the music business for the ongoing experimentation that is the lifeblood of the music. The players who frequented the lofts used their independence to hone their musicianship , develop their individual voices and distil their music down to a readily communicable essence.In the process, they attracted a large audience of listeners responsive to the relaxed informality of the loft ambience and the give-and-take between performer and listener, a shared enthusiasm that contributed to the music’s characteristic high-energy good feeling and lyricism. The Douglas WILDFLOWERS sessions were recorded at the loft home of saxophonist-composer Sam Rivers in May 1976 over the course of seven exciting evenings. The 22 selections included here represent the very best that was played during that memorable week by over 60 major musicians.

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