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Operazone "the redesign"
This production by Alan Douglas and Bill Laswell reinvents our emotional participation in the operazone! Tartly, even somewhat irreverently, Douglas’ conception and Laswell’s reconstruction have stripped opera of its preposterous plots and trite clichés. The burbling tenor and tremulous soprano bel cantos have been replaced by the wordless, sonorous voice of Byard Lancaster on saxophone and the molten fire of Graham Haynes’ cornet and flugelhorn. In allowing Karl Berger to weave a magical tapestry of strings, Laswell has delivered a coup de grace with the rhythmic intensity of tabla beats and waves of sizzling cymbals and other carefully crafted percussion. Stripped of the predictable, opera has been restored to the art of soulful surprise, while destroying all rational thought.

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Inlay text in French and English