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John Mc Laughlin "My goal's beyond"
After the psychedelic crunch of his first solo album Devotion and the Tony Williams Lifetime, with
My Goal’s Beyond John switched over to an unamplified acoustic instrument. The two extended performances on the “A” side, “Peace One” and “Peace Two”, offered a heady mix of jazz and Indian classical music, something quite unfamiliar at the time but which in retrospect can be seen to anticipate some of the world music developments to come. John assembled an especially interesting mix of musicians for “Peace One” and “Peace Two”. So this album can be said to plant the seed for what would flower into the enormously influential Mahavishnu Orchestra a short time later. If “Peace One” and “Peace Two” look ahead into the future, the lovely group of intimate acoustic solos that follow are more of a tribute to John’s past and recently formed influences and associations.

Since My Goal’s Beyond was released in 1971, its reputation has continued to grow and it has come to be regarded as a modern classic.

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